I’m The Prisoner’s Wife

This is the post excerpt.

Where do I start? Honestly, I feel like there are so many blogs out there that I wonder if mine even matter. It matters to me though. Even if it is simply a journal, a way to let out my angers, fears and emotions. I actually don’t even know where to start. Life had been more difficult than I feel anyone should endure but I’m just a human right? Why is it that some people seem to have it all and other- seem to struggle no matter how much they try to live a good, loving and trusting life. It’s almost like in life, the better you try to behave, the more you are punished. Ironic. 

A little about me and why I started this…I’m the wife of a loving husband currently in a white collar prison camp. But why did I actually start this blog? Well, I am fucking sick and tired of being told to “ignore him” or “it will get better”. First, I apologize for any profanity that you may see but let’s face it, if I am going to be honest through this blog then I’m likely going to use profanity and although that not the person I was before, life really takes you on a journey you don’t deserve to be on but suddenly you find yourself there and all you can do is swear. I find that the swearing helps me cope even a little with the shit that I am going through. SO…why the blog? Well, frankly, I am sick AND tired of being told to ignore HIM. You would think my husband right? Nope, I am speaking of someone that called himself the crusader of truth.  Before I name this “God” of truth (he should be so lucky to think of himself as that, let me be brutally blunt. I married my husband, a trader in the equity market who promised me the moon and the stars. Life was good here and there but there were many lies that ultimately the wore heavily on our marriage (by the way we are still married). Some would say that I am an idiot for staying in the marriage but I am a loyal person and if you knew my husband, you would see he actually has a really good heart but nobody chose to stick around and peel the onion. So, he decided one day (long before I even knew him) that he needed to fire a consultant that worked for him…the “crusader for truth”- by the way THIS is the man that has made it his life mission to destroy my husband’s life and anyone around him along with so many other people. So before we go into all of the past stuff we now know that this crusader is a parasite and has made it his mission to destroy lives and mind you with the help from our lovely government as he portrays himself as an informant. So, back to the now, I currently have a civil lawsuit against me from the SEC because my name was on a bank account for work that my husband was conducting. Mind you- I never actually spoke to any clients and if truth really be told I have never formally met this “crusader for truth” who has decided to destroy my name and indirectly the lives of our children but let’s get back on point. So, husband in prison, civil lawsuit against me and an extortionist we will call the “crusader” through this blog until the time his name is to be revealed. I think I forget to mention that our crusader, the extortionist also  claims to be an informant for the government? Is this true? I don’t really know for sure but I will say one thing- he seems to get away with way too much so I have to say this man must be a snitch for someone that has power because most people would have been behind bars for the things this man does.

Well- so for the meantime I think that covers the present although, I can tell you so much more but just trying to tell you the most recent info. Through the blog, I will be more than happy to tell you anything you would like to know because I feel being completely up front is the only way to be. I’ve lost enough people in my life to realize keeping anything private is just ridiculous. 

So, the reason for this blog? Well, I’m tired of people being cyber bullied and our government not doing a damn thing about it. Crusader harasses me and going to the police doesn’t do a damn thing because he hasn’t “physically” done anything to me. The internet seems to be a powerful platform so I’m giving it a try. People every day are being bullied and harassed through technology and currently nobody is being persecuted for it. People are killing themselves for the pain  that they endure and nobody is helping them. I don’t expect my blog to be anything huge- although it would be great- but if it can help even one person then I will feel better about it. I am SICK & TIRED of being bullied. I am trying to rebuild my life for me and my three kids and the crusader decided to post on the YouTube video that my 10 year old son made for me. He decided to harass me through my business email. I know I can’t rely on our government authorities to do a damn thing but I will use my freedom of speech to tell all of you that being cyber bullied is fucked up and it is happening everywhere EVERY DAY! It is up to us individually to do something about it because our government doesn’t give a fuck what people do to you mentally or emotionally. We have to take a stand and make it a point that cyber bullying is NOT okay not matter the circumstances. I can’t seem to find a good support group for people that go through this and as I cry living through this situation I know there are others like me. I want there to be a space where if we are not making a difference then at least we can support each other no matter where we are. I’m not the only person out there with an incarcerated spouse, trying to raise children, being cyber bullied and having to be accused of something I didn’t do. I hope that this blog will bring people together and that together we can find some peace. In this blog I hope to discuss the following:

  • Stress from an incarcerated spouse
  • Raising children during difficult circumstances
  • Prison visits
  • Lack of government assistance in stopping cyber bullying
  • The corruption of how our legal system especially judges who take advantage of their position.
  • Cyber bullying

And many more…Please let me know what others things you would like me to address. Thank you for reading my first blog. Hope for many more to come!


The Innocent

I am sure that when readers came upon the title “The Innocent” it’s automatically assumed that I speak of the prisoners. I speak of their children.

We are blessed to be able to visit my husband. His first time around in state prison, I did not see him for almost a year. Seeing him for the first time after his “time” was awkward. I had to get to know him again. This time around, we are fortunate to get to see him on weekends. When I see him on weekends though I still cry. I know…sounds silly but I see the kids, the babies that come in to see their fathers and I realize- this isn’t fair. That is not to say that many in the system do not belong there but you would be surprised as to how many are in the system due to corruption of the system. If I was a betting woman, I would bet that many of the prison counselors would say that 75% of the people in the system would do perfectly fin e on an ankle monitor where tax payers would pay a LOT less for the upkeep of a prisoner.

Most people will not see what a prison system does to a family. a “Guilty” verdict doesn’t mean you put a “bad” person away. It means that you most likely put a mother, a wife on state assistance. You took a father figure away from the children. You took the bread winner away from his home. You took a family and tore them apart leaving them empty with worry, stress and fear. Children no longer feel safe in their beds because daddy is not there to make sure they are okay. It doesn’t matter how much mommy tells them that it will be okay. A child needs to know from their father that it really will be OKAY.

When you visit an inmate in a low security prison,  it is a blessing that the fathers can play with their kids. I will be honest, the staff at my husband’s facility are really good people. They don’t take advantage of their position like most people do and they actually really value family. So I will say right off the bat that we are very lucky in that sense. But…I really want my husband home to help me like he did before. A child gets to play with his dad for a certain amount of time then they all have to say good bye at then end of a visit., Do they hang out with dad the whole time? NO…actually, they get to hang out with other kids that are in the same situation. They get to be with kids that don’t judge them. They play without judgment. They PLAY! My kids lost many friends over my husband being in prison. You would be surprised and likely tear up at seeing the prisoner kids play. It is a place where they actually feel free. Yes, kids feel free in a prison! Why do they feel free? They know at such young ages that they are not being judged. They know that the person they are playing with knows that their dad is in prison so there is nothing to hide. Listen- we can have people like the “crusader” you I will now call the “predator” in their lives but the predator can’t hurt them in prison. He can’t take their childhood away- at least not when visiting dad in prison. The real person that should be in prison is the predator but our legal system isn’t that ethical. Why you ask? Well, our legal system- out government (before Trump) uses people like our predator to SNITCH on people. The reality is, of you are reading this and your spouse is in prison for a “white collar” crime- the SNITCH aka predator likely told the government about your spouse. You may like or dislike Trump but one thing I will tell you is that Trump doesn’t like snitch’s so there is still hope for the “crusader- SNITCH”!

Moral of the story- don’t disregard people because of their situation. If you truly knew who they were before then stick by them. Prison seems to be a glorified thing these days as you can tell by all of the prison shows now days. Shows are exactly just shows though. Actual prison- affect lives, affects your taxes,  affects children. Perhaps we should rethink how judges in the power of position actually render a decision. The next time you think of a prisoner- think about how much that non-violent prisoner is increasing your taxes, missing his family, and missing out on his child’s life. Until you are in the position- don’t judge because if you are in the position- you will realize it  isn’t so black and white in this country. Our children deserve more and judges deserve less!

Prison Visits/ Land of the Free?

Visiting my husband is a great opportunity to spend time together although you are on constant watch. Again though- I must say that from my experience, the staff that I have met have been great people that don’t take advantage of their position. This makes it a lot easier because as it is- there is already the pressure of the rules. Here are a few:

  1. Sit in the grey chairs across the prisoner. Adults may not sit next to the prisoner- children may.
  2. You may give a hug and a kiss but nothing to crazy. Now, I have to say this is a good one because I have watched some people kiss and feel like I must cover my kids eyes so I am a bit confused as to what the limit is on this one.
  3. You may only bring in a certain amount of money, diapers etc. and they must be in a clear bag. Two of our children have nut allergies and one has a severe peanut allergy so the staff has been kind enough to allow us to bring in a couple but free items because our oldest is very afraid of packaged chocolate for the fear that it has been cross contaminated with peanuts at the factory. He is a little over the top but to be perfectly honest, I appreciate his caution. Takes some pressure off me of having to ever use the EpiPen.
  4. NO YOGA PANTS! This one is a rough one for me because I like to wear comfy yoga pants and dress them up with a cute top or sweater.
  5. Of course- no phones or cameras. Personally, I like the no phone rule because my husband NEVER gave us undivided attention and now he is forced to. I feel like it actually helps strengthen families as you actually have to talk to each other.

These are a few of the rules that we all have to follow in a U.S. prison camp. Obviously the rules increase when the level of the security increases as well. I am interested in learning what families in other countries go through and the rules they must follow when visiting a loved one. Just this past week on twitter someone asked about having pictures taken with their loved one and how to obtain that. I assumed this person was in the US so I proceeded to let this person know what we do. Well, this person was in the U.K. and seems that their picture rules are much stricter that here in the U.S. I have heard of some prisons in Europe being apartments where loved ones can stay while others are quite difficult. Reminds me of watching Bridget Jones’ Diary 2 when she is in a Thai prison. Obviously the movie makes it look funny but the reality is, it is probably not the best of prisons in the world. Do their families get to have visitation?

I have come to realize that raising children without both parents is a very difficult situation. My husband is in for a certain period of time but there are single parents now without an incarcerated spouse and they are struggling to raise children on their own. It is NOT easy and as a community, we really need to have more available to all social classes. I have come to realize that lower social classes seem to be offered more because it is assumed that if you had money at one point then you will figure it out. It is a shame that we live in such a closed mind world. The reality is that we DO have various social classes and there should be help for all of us no matter what you have/had or don’t have/had.  It amazes me that we are the land of the free yet the US has the highest imprisonment rate. This article by the Washington Post gives a great read: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2015/07/07/yes-u-s-locks-people-up-at-a-higher-rate-than-any-other-country/?utm_term=.e7f29a15ca2d

How can we be considered the land of the free when in reality judges are all too eager to lock you up?

Gossip Wins Over Truth

We all go through ups and downs. It is the natural flow of life. The thing I have realized is that some people seem to have more ups and others more downs. I seem to be the one with more downs no matter how positive I have tried to remain in life. The other thing I have realized is that no matter how well you behave in life, it doesn’t seem to matter to Karma. I read things about me on the internet compliments of G.S. and I think to myself, “You have never met me. You don’t know who I am but because of my husband, you automatically choose to write about me in a negative way.” There is a reason why I stop before I judge someone. I don’t know their situation. You will NEVER know a person’s situation because it will never be yours. The fact that people are allowed to display your picture all over the internet and write about you is a disgrace but again, I have to remember- I know who I am. I know what I have and have not done and I also know that the person writing about me doesn’t know me AT ALL. This man doesn’t have the guts to meet me in person because he would have to actually face a person that he insulted on the internet. Am I being sued by the SEC? Yes, I am. Does it mean that it is valid? Does it matter? Everyone that reads G.S’s posts already thinks it is true so why try to convince them otherwise.  People really prefer the gossip over the truth. Once people read about you on the Internet there is no use of trying to explain yourself because the negative will always beat the truth so what do you do when this happens? Cry for a moment then hold your head up high and remember that nobody else matters. If they prefer to believe what someone writes about a person they have never met then you really do not want those people in your life anyway so look at it as a blessing. Life is not always easy but one thing I can tell you is that God has not let me down. Evil is present in our world but God will win the war for you.


We all judge. Anyone that says they don’t is lying. We may see a homeless person on the street and think, “drugs”. The reality is that you really have NO idea what put that person on the streets. Yes, it may have been drugs but it could have been so many other reasons that we will never know.

Any spouse of a prisoner will likely tell you that they lost many people in their lives when their spouse was incarcerated. People automatically see jail/ prison as “They deserved it and we don’t want to be around it.” I know for me, we lost many people we called friends but in reality they were just acquaintances. We throw the word “friend” around too easily. When you are placed in a position like mine, you quickly realize who are your friends and who were just there for the fun ride at the time. Friends are those that no matter what people say about you, no matter what they read about you and no matter what time of day or night- they are there for you- no questions asked.

Our children don’t deserve the judgment that they have faced at such a young age. They wonder why they don’t play with many of the friends they played with in the past and the best response is an honest response. I have told our children that when people heard daddy was in prison they no longer wanted to be around us. Asking young children to understand that is unfair. It is selfish of the other parents to take friendships away but if I look at it from their perspective they are just trying to “protect” their own children and you can’t fault them for that. If these parents chose to see the truth of a situation though, they would see that we are still the people that we were in the friendship.

Trying to convince people that you are a good person with a good family is like trying to take the horse to the water and trying to make him drink. Unless the horse is thirsty, he is not going to drink. So, you just realize that life can be lonely many times. I have decided to be upfront with people though. New people that I meet I automatically tell them about our situation. Do you know, that when you are completely up front it seems to intrigue people to get to know you better because being so blunt is refreshing to most. Will all these people be forever friends? Likely not, but at least they are here now and they know the truth. The friendship starts off with truth and no question is off limits to ask. I have learned that when you are honest and blunt from the very beginning, people place judgement aside. Every day we learn something new. It is up to us to flourish from it.

Feeling Sorry for Those That Choose to Harm

Since starting this blog I have actually been attacked by people that feel I have harmed them. Now, let me stop here and say I am not saying fell sorry for me (based on the title). You see, my signature was digitally input onto documents and therefore people feel that under certain circumstances I chose to be involved in something when in fact I have NEVER met any of the people that are choosing to judge me for something they are not fully knowledgeable about. It is natural for people to not want to admit that they don’t have the facts. it is natural for people to believe whatever is being said about another without verifying the truth because it is so much easier to get on the bandwagon than actually do a little research. A perfect example are celebrities. These people have so many articles written about them and we buy the magazines and buy into the gossip because it is fun to see another suffer but should the tables be turned around on them , well, that would not be so kind right?

We live in a world where technology has made it too easy to hurt people with words. To threaten people without worry of the repercussions because our government laws have not jumped forward to the present time. People can choose to attack me. They can choose to believe what they read about others is true. It takes a weak person to believe what others write instead of believing in the facts. As for me, with G.S.- the extortionist- I’ve never actually met the man. He writes about me as if he knows me. He was a consultant years back for my husband so he can say he knew the man my husband was then but to say he knows who he is now? Well, he can choose to think what he wants. It’s a free country anyway right? This brings up an interesting question- if you are not a citizen of the United States, are you still entitled to Freedom of Speech? I am going to assume yes as G.S. is not an American citizen yet he chooses to ruin the lives of so many American citizens. SO then this brings up another point. What went so wrong with this man’s life that he has made it a mission to put others down through lies or half truths and create blogs about them to extort money from them? In a sense, as much as he has hurt our family- I feel sorry for him. There must be a large amount of pain in him to want to hurt others. He claims that he hates fraud and is a “crusader of truth” but in reality, if you follow his tactics you will see that he does what he does so he can make a living off the pain of others by “imposing fear”. In my opinion- he is simply a helpless man that lost his way.

How many people in this world are constantly hurt by others? It has become a way of life. It’s an eye for an eye theory. G.S. can create blogs on people and send them all over but it is up to the reader to take in the lies or half truths or actually be strong and choose to find the truth out on their own. The reality is- GS gets away with what he does because too many people aren’t willing to do the work but again- if the roles were reversed would you want people to believe the lies? Instead of attacking each other we should work together. We have enough problems in this world and they aren’t about to get better. It is up to us individually to make a difference. For those of you that accuse me of anything on this blog- it’s okay- I know the truth and I choose to not present anger because then I am just as bad as those that point the finger without any real proof.

The Extortionist “Crusader” Arises

In the spirit of being as honest as possible on this blog  have chosen to post for you the newest post from out infamous “Crusader of truth”.  I know I told you about my husband being in prison. I’m not sure that I told you about being included in an SEC lawsuit. I was in fact on the bank accounts for this lawsuit but never had any interactions with investors/ clients and such. I  am quite sure that most will lie about this in the hopes of feeling some sort of satisfaction for themselves but at the end of the day- I just want to live in peace and with that truth must be told. SO… the latest from G.S. the “Crusader of truth”

“Shenae’s New Scheme

As you can imagine, I’m always interested in what Shenae is up to since her money machine, Michael became a guest of the federal government.  FYI, he has now been moved (removed for privacy) Penitentiary in (removed for privacy) and is scheduled to be released in June (removed for privacy).

In the meantime, Shenae is living comfortably off the money she and Michael managed to steal in the VIP Wall Street/Aged Debt scheme for which they are now being sued by the SEC. Shenae’s answer to the lawsuit was due on April 5th, but no answer appears on the Pacer service as of today.  This comes as no surprise to me.  She is likely to ignore the lawsuit.

Shenae and the kids have taken up residence in the Symphony Towers at (removed for privacy) For the safety of the kids, I won’t post the unit number, but those of you who have any interest for legal purposes may contact me for that information.  I have informed (removed for privacy) management that they have an embezzler in their building, just in case she comes up with the standard Osborn excuses for not paying rent.  I’ve also informed them that she and (removed for privacy)  have committed multiple instance of innkeeper fraud and ripped off several landlords in New York and Los Angeles.
The other day, I came across the smartphone app (removed for privacy)After a little bit of research I was able to confirm that the app is owned by a very fresh New York corporation, Kids Media Corp. which is owned by Shenae.
Shenae has created a video advertisement which she claimed appears on the (removed for privacy) website, and she uploaded to YouTube.  As soon as I commented on her criminal past, she removed the video from YouTube.  In the meantime, I have warned (removed for privacy) about the tendency of Shenae’s enterprises to be fraudulent. I am also in the process of warning all the restaurants that appear on the app.”

In this blog I want to be as open as possible and with that since a HUGE inspiration for this blog is G.S. we, I feel I should share his thoughts and his “exposures”.

He is a bully. He is an extortionist. I will soon display many of his texts and emails in where he shows his extortion methods. You see, G.S. is more of an idiot than people thought. I have MANY records, emails, messages of him extorting and at this point I have NO problem displaying them. I am SICK and TIRED of people, not just me, being pushed around. I am not the only person out there that is being cyber bullied, portrayed as a “bad person”. I am tired of reading stories of people committing suicide because others write bad information on them. Our country allows “Freedom of Speech” and people have decided to take advantage of that freedom by hurting people. BY THE WAY- G.S isn’t even an American citizen and he is STILL allowed to harass an American citizen! American to American should not be able to harass but now we have different countries thinking that cyber bullying is okay (or ANY bullying) is NOT OKAY!




Easter at the prison

Today is Easter Sunday. Instead of mass, my boys and I were with my husband at the prison camp. We are blessed that we can be with him for Easter but I couldn’t help but become angry as my boys and I sat at home for Easter dinner. I know most people think, “Well, if he is in prison he MUST have done SOMETHING wrong”. The reality is, most people at these camps shouldn’t be in prison or a prison camp at all. I wish that most of society could see what it is like to visit a prison camp. My husband is lucky to be at a nice one. It is in the middle of beautiful rolling hills. The staff are all really nice and if I was a betting woman (which I’m not) I think most of the staff members feel that about 50% maybe up to 75% of the inmates don’t even belong there. Do you know that prison is one, if not the highest, costs of the US? People get so upset and think that prisoners deserve less than what they are getting and in some cases I would agree but again that is SOME cases. The reality is that most of these camp inmates could be at home with their families on ankle monitors having holidays with their families while paying their debt to society. Why not have these non-violent inmates actually do something that will make a difference rather than having them take up government funds with being fed and sheltered? A HUGE government deficit could be taken care of by placing inmates with their families where they can still work AND do community service to pay their debt to society. I sat at the prison with my husband and children, along with other families and realized that our country has one of the highest imprisonment rates in the world because it has operated in a backward system. Thankfully, from following the news, it seems that President Trump is getting it right. It doesn’t matter if you support Trump or not, Trump realizes what is costing the government enormous dollars and cutting it right out! People that are not involved first hand with prisons or prisoners will not understand the importance of what Trump is doing but I invite you all to open your eyes and realize that not all prisoners deserve to be where they are. Our government is corrupt. If you don’t give them what they want, they make something up in order to intimidate you. Look, many prisoners need to be in prison, they don’t belong in society but when you  sit in a camp where your friends become the people that you visit in prison every weekend, you start to realize something is very wrong with our current system. I, for one, am excited to see the prison reform changes that Trump imposes. Putting non-violent, non drug related people behind bars is ridiculous and it is costing American voters hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Want your taxes lowered? Put these camp prisoners at home on ankle monitors where they will cost you a minute fraction of the cost.